In Case You Missed It: "California's terrible AB5 came for me today, and I'm devastated"

By Rebecca Lawson
December 16, 2019

… I live in California, I was just told that I can no longer hold a paid position with SB Nation. This means that I will be forced to step down as Editor-in-Chief of Mavs Moneyball as of March 31.

… California’s legislature recently passed a law, Assembly Bill 5, codifying a California Supreme Court decision that classifies many independent contractors as full-time employees.  

… So, SB Nation has chosen to do the easiest thing they can to comply with California law -- not work with California-based independent contractors, or any contractors elsewhere writing for California-based teams. …

… I am heartbroken that the state I love so much has forced a company I love working for to cut formal ties with people who are doing amazing work -- and who are able to help themselves and their families with the extra income that a passion project or side hustle can sometimes provide. …


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