Governor and Insurance Commissioner Finally Address Homeowners' Insurance Crisis After Jones and Senate Republicans Repeatedly Called for Action

After repeated efforts by Senate Minority Leader Brian W. Jones (R-San Diego) and California Senate Republicans to address the homeowners’ insurance crisis in this state, Governor Gavin Newsom and Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara finally announced some actions today to mitigate the crisis.

“I am encouraged to see the governor and Insurance Commissioner taking the insurance crisis seriously,” said Leader Jones. “While Californians needed them (Newsom and Lara) to act on this crisis years ago, I’m glad that Commissioner Lara has now heeded the Republican Caucus’ advice to act on his existing authority rather than just waiting for a legislative deal to emerge."

In August, California Senate Republicans sent a letter on behalf of their constituents demanding that both the governor and insurance commissioner take immediate action to fix the state’s broken homeowners’ insurance crisis.

“The people of California need a stable insurance market and today’s executive order, along with the commissioner’s plan of action, is a step towards stabilizing the market,” Leader Jones continued. “I renew our invitation to partner with him moving forward and again invite him to come speak to our caucus about any progress being made. Californians need to have affordable access to protect their homes from natural elements of earth, wind, and fire – and those who are facing increased costs today sure will remember this promise made on the 21st day of September.”

In addition to the effort by all Senate Republicans, Senator Brian Dahle (R-Bieber), who represents many constituents who have been financially impacted by this crisis, last week blasted the state’s top insurance official for delaying action.

“I’ve fought for better protections for homeowners for years,” Dahle said at the time. “Californians are suffering unjustly, and deserve strong and empathetic leadership right now.”