Leader Jones Praises Governor’s Commitment to the Salton Sea

Citing the economic boon and the environmental clean-up of the Salton Sea, Senate Minority Leader Brian W. Jones (R-San Diego) praised Governor Gavin Newsom’s commitment to the region’s lithium production. Leader Jones released the following statement:


“It is refreshing to see that the governor recognizes the need for California to use our own resources to produce products, in this instance lithium batteries. Our state is blessed with natural resources that allow us to meet the current and future needs of our residents and businesses without importation. The governor’s plan furthers my philosophy of ‘Made in America.’ I look forward to working with him on this project.


“For years, the Salton Sea has had a bad reputation as an environmental disaster, but today’s announcement from the governor will help turn the tide for a region that carries a median household income 40% below the state average. This announcement will bring jobs, jobs, and more jobs, along with tax dollars to one of the poorest regions in the Golden State. I look forward to working with the governor to expand these opportunities in not only the Imperial Valley, but throughout the state.”


There is enough lithium at the Salton Sea to meet all of the United States' projected future demand and 40% of the world’s demand. By tapping into these deposits of lithium, California will not only help the environment, but also provide an economic boon for a region that is starved for jobs.


Dubbed “Lithium Valley,” this eastern portion of Imperial Valley contains some of the largest lithium deposits in the world. Because of the geothermal resources of the Salton Sea, companies are able to extract the lithium using a much more environmentally friendly process.a