Car Tax Calculator

Enter your vehicle’s value, miles you drive per year and average miles per gallon to find out what the car and gas tax will cost you in 2019.


Democrat politicians have saddled California families with the largest gas tax increase in state history (takes effect on November 1, 2017) and a new car tax increase (takes effect on January 1, 2018).

Democrats claim these new taxes will only cost $10 a month, but that won’t be the reality for millions of California drivers, whose taxes will be significantly higher. You ought to know the truth behind what this will cost you at the pump and when it is time to renew your car’s registration.  

When the car and gas tax bill passed out of the Legislature, the Democrat politicians’ supposed 12 cent gas tax was actually projected to be a hefty burden of 19.5 cents per gallon in July of 2019.  

See how these tax hikes will affect you using the calculator above.

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