13,000 Companies Leave California

It is clear that California Democrats believe their liberal rules are working in the nation’s largest state. However, a recent announcement by Aeromax, a California-headquartered business for more than three decades, that it is picking up and moving to Texas puts the lie to that belief.

Aeromax, co-owned by Micki and Tom Brizes, sells airline parts for military aircraft. Its departure lands it on a list of more than 13,000 businesses that over the last decade have departed California, taking with them the jobs of the multitudes of Californians they employ. Aeromax is just the latest example of the toll that Democrat policies are taking on California.

The reason for leaving?  Micki explains, “There's so much regulation, that we really need to be in a place that allows our small business to grow and I feel that Texas will do that for us.”

Tom also mentions the declining quality of life as a significant factor, stating that the homeless problem is getting worse and worse by the year. He mentions that his employees are afraid to take walks at lunchtime, and “recalls one UPS driver who was attacked by a pit bull that jumped out of a homeless person's RV” and “required hours of surgery.”

All of these problems are caused by decades of over-regulation and overly liberal policies put in place by one-party Democrat rule. Not only have Democrats chased Aeromax and 13,000 other businesses out of California, but also, without moderation, they will cause California to experience huge budget deficits that will affect the state’s ability to provide even the most basic services, like police and fire protection.

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